Sunday, August 29, 2010


Last time i cry

In the story last time i cry , I can never forget it x impact my life .. this occurred on 5/18/2010 when my beloved father of (Ngah bin abdullah) was leave my family because he had died of a heart attack at 8.25am ... the father leave world, this time i last exam in last sem 2 .cannot describe my feelings at that time because I did not know that my father has the disease .. and he died with no time to meet our brothers. . but we get to pleased. now I just rely only love my mother. It is the story I related last time i'am cry ..,.......

my self or about me.

My name Nurul Jannah binti Ngah, aged 19 years, my utterance, in 10/11/1991, in the village mengabang lekor. now I'm studying at the polytechnic sultan haji ahmad shah, (polisas) in food technology diploma in three first school is sek keb pagar besi..and than high school smk kompleks mengabang telipot. My family all have eight, including one mother and father, my father's name, and my mother called. My brothers were six people, the first named, the latter, in turn, and I, and finally .my family is :.
  • Ngah bin Abdullah(my father)
  • Zainab binti ismail(my mother)
  • sharol mizam bin ngah
  • Norsilawati binti ngah
  • Mohd dinie bin ngah
  • Mohd nizar bin ngah
  • Nurul jannah binti ngah
  • Muhammad fadhil bin ngah

I hope I can achieve my ambition to excel in education, the world and the hereafter. My favorite is cooking dishes that my mother (ikan singgang cicah budu) .. I am a jovial fellow and warm-hearted .. I like to laugh every day with my friends ...last word of my smile sokmo and thank you.